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Email: info@pcfixltd.co.uk

PCfix offers a great repair team which can repair various types of mobile phones and tablets. We repair all your main brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony and Apple but we do also repair other mobiles and tablets as well. We
always try to keep you happy with only a 14 day turnaround where we will have your phone or tablet repaired within the 14 day period.

We supply many services for the mobile and tablet sector with screen repairs, Battery replacement, LCD replacement and charging port repair. We will always alert you through phone or text when the repair is completed and has been tested. Our team will always liaise with you in the best way possible to keep everyone

If you have a phone or tablet that needs repairing then come in and speak with our friendly staff about repairing your phone or tablet today.

Repair time: 7-14 Working Days (Mon - Fri)

If your phone repair isn't listed, contact us by phone or email and we will quote a price for your phone repair based on the information we receive from you. We will always notify you if there is any problem and we will always keep you updated.