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Email: info@pcfixltd.co.uk

We aim to offer the best laptop and computer repair services in the UK - if not the world! In order to meet these high standards, we only use the best and latest products and repair equipment. We understand only the best will do for your machine, so we've outlined our specialist equipment below:

Soldering Irons

After rigorous testing, our engineers have hand-picked the best soldering irons and SMD rework stations available today. Our laptop engineers are equipped with a set of two soldering irons. This is because integrated chips on a laptop motherboard come in different sizes. Therefore, using two soldering irons ensures our engineers save time and wear and tear rather than changing the tip of the soldering irons when needed.

Flux & Solder Wire

We have also issued each engineer with sets of solder wire. Again, different chips require different thickness of solder wire. We have also taken into account that all new laptops are lead-free under ROHS, therefore they have been issued the exact same set but lead-free solder as well. Thus making our engineers immediately ready to work on any type of motherboard.

The same principle has been applied to solder flux, all engineers are issued with 2 different types of flux - one for normal day in day out SMD work and another for BGA rework.

Hot Air Rework Stations

When it comes to SMD integrated chips we need to use a SMD rework station. Therefore all our engineers have been provided with the best rework station on the market, which is manufactured by JBC.