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Component Level Apple Mac Repairs

PCFix Repair Centre is UK’s first Apple Mac specialist Company with over 18 years of experience in repairing any Apple Macs down to chip-level.


Our quality Low Cost Apple Mac repairs services give rise to an immense business opportunity for your Company. Today we are the backbone of over 900 IT dealers and resellers providing Apple Mac Repairs services throughout the country.

Chip-Level or Component Level repairs means diagnosing and fixing faults down to IC and component level, hence providing the Lowest Cost of repairs possible of any Apple MacBook or iMac’s. So there are no Apple Macs we cannot fix at chip-level and this is why we are able to offer a  LOGICBOARD REPAIR SERVICE FOR from £150 (Plus VAT) and its NO-FIX-NO-FEE. (DC Jack repairs are done at from £120 (Plus VAT)Below is a list of few benefits of using us.

No need to worry about what year and how old your Mac is we repair any Model of Apple Macs,
No need to replace logic boards as we fix them (reduction of cost of repair – hence increase in your profits)
No need to hire service staff who cannot do the job we do anyway – save on resource cost
We are ready and fully equipped service center setup to carry out the most difficult repairs.
All our repair carry 90 days warranty.
We provide a No-Fix-No-Fee service – GUARANTEED.
Only pay when the laptop is fixed.