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At PCFIX we strive to give the best service to each and every customer. Our professional and highly qualified engineers can solve any kind of computer or mobile phone problem at a fair price. We have 5 years' experience in servicing computer and mobile devices, and specialise in repairing motherboards for devices including Apple MacBook and iMac.

We like to take care of our customers, so offer a same day repair and collection service to help solve your technical problems as quickly as possible. We also offer appointments for engineers to make home visits. We are proud to offer great service at a fair price, and
our benefits also include special discounts for students and senior citizens.

If you are experiencing technical problems or have any enquiries about your machine, we will be more than happy to give you help and point you in the right direction. You can also make an appointment for free advice with:

Iqbal Hossain (Managing Director & Mobile and Tablet Engineer) – For complaints, concern, feedback or determining the cash value of your equipment.

Jordan Iliffe (Software & Hardware Engineer, Apple Repair Engineer and Console Engineer) - For any kind of software and hardware problem, PC/Laptop, iPhone, Android, tablet & computer or console support.

Jonathon Richens (Supervisor/IT Engineer/Gaming Specialist) - For prices, quality products, service charges, booking appointments, and any diagnosis/repair of PC systems.

Aidan Rayner (Customer Care Assistant/IT Engineer) - For prices, quality products, service charges, booking appointments, and any diagnosis/repair of PC systems.

Laszlo Szloboda (Level 3 IT Engineer/TV Engineer/Console Engineer/Phone and Tablet Engineer) - For Motherboard repairs, HDMI repairs soldering, and screen repairs)

Phillip Powell (Website Editor & Marketing Manager) - For any queries regarding marketing, advertisement or our website.

We also sell new & refurbished laptops, mobile phones and good quality computer & mobile accessories at very affordable prices. With our cash value service you can sell you unwanted goods for instant cash.

We are primarily an IT company but always go the extra mile to help people with additional services - that’s why we also provide console repairs, cash value or buy back. PCFIX is the one stop shop for everything you need, so why go anywhere else?