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Here at PCFIX we offer a wide range of data recovery services for all those times when your work computer fails you or your collage USB breaks leaving you without that final college assignment. Below are a few of the options we offer to help:


Software Data Recovery Starting from £99

Software data Recovery services is the services we offer to help you get back your data when your storage device is still functional but may have malfunctioned and corrupted your files or you have accidently deleted a important file. This service normally takes around three working days to complete. This services starts from £99 not including cost for replacement storage devices.


Harddrive Disk Recovery Starting from £300

Hard drive disk recovery is the advance form of data recovery. This service is needed when your hard drive has physically failed and either the internal mechanisms have seized up or have been damaged. As this service is our most advanced form of data recovery, it can take up to five working days to complete if not longer depending on condition of drive and parts needed. This services starts from £300, although this can change depending on parts needed to get the drive operational. (Note this will not fix the drive but allow it to operate long enough for our technicians to recovery any available data)