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At PCFix Repair Centre, we have trained apple technicians who can replace or upgrade your apple MacBook Hard Disk Drive.
We can offer you the same Hard Drive replacement or offer you a upgrade to a larger Hard Disk Drive, We can also offer you a SSD solution for you Apple MacBook.
Common Apple Mac Failures on Hard Drives failures can be with following symptoms.

My MacBook pro has a Clicking Hard Drive.
My MacBook Pro is slow in loading or not performing.
My MacBook Pro has a flashing folder with a question mark.
My MacBook Pro is very slow loading.

Above are just few examples why your Hard drive may need replacing you might as well take the option to upgrade to a larger Hard Drive.

Call our Sales team on 01279 412811 or email us at info@pcfixltd.co.uk for a replacement compatible apple mac hard disc drive replacement or upgrade for Apple MacBook Pro, Apple Mac mini, Apple iMac, PowerBook G4, iBook G4, MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models.